Similarly to the organic genome, architecture has evolved over time and has erected a substantial database. Understanding the core fundamentals of heredity and genetic principles can help us enrich the architectural process thus reaching  an understanding of architectural “beings” like never before. Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organization, including species, individual organisms and DNA. The basis for a continuous change is made by a process of objective acceptance of variation through genetics on the one hand, and elimination by natural selection on the other.

This process in a way, is similar to architectural design. We as architects face the need of creating several solutions that approach a single ‘problem’. In many cases we invest our time and effort in developing parallel products knowing that most of them will be abandoned. Imagine a practice that allows us to develop an infinite amount of options, all intended for the same predefined issue. A method that revises the essence of space but at the same time reaches new forms that are made possible only through an organic, mathematically based system. By combining these two distinguished fields, we hope to uncover a hidden potential for a new architectural performance.

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