Does an architectural design process based on a computerized genetic model make the architect obsolete? Are computer engineers the designers of the future?

The answer in our opinion is clear. In order to create computerized design tools one must be an architect first. The computation process obliges us to rethink desirable architectural qualities, extract their essence and mathematically define them. Because we have to ‘explain’ our design principles to a machine,  they must be arranged, reasoned and detailed. What is the geometric meaning of stability? What is a comfortable spatial arrangement? What is really needed in order to fit to a certain function? All these questions need to be asked and accurately answered by mathematically applicable solutions. Furthermore, working with a computer program allows us to encounter new and unfamiliar situations which are a result of our own definitions. In order to succeed in these complicated tasks, one must develop a critical approach towards the design conventions for nothing can be taken for granted once seeking the essence of space.

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