The design process begins with a data base of architectural principles, definitions that are inherent to the architectural profession and to the creation of physical space. These principles are examined through three different design frameworks: materiality, organization and structure; each representing different architectural fields.

Materiality is a framework in which the goal is to transform the virtual code into physical matter. Organization examines a program as input for achieving a spatial arrangement later to be transformed into form. Structure uses physic definitions and contextual mapping in order to create an efficient complex system.

These three frameworks are based on the same genetic code, starting with a population of points which grow organically in virtual space. Each framework uses various customized functions that are computer controlled. Combining these various functions increases the method’s potential. On one hand, each study is an individual branch of the genetic research, different in technique and approach. On the other hand, they are all true to the genetic mechanism : Historical data is kept, current information has the ability to change the system at any given moment while future information holds an infinite potential of relationships morphologies and new functions.

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